About Techizmo

Welcome to Techizmo.com! Techizmo is what we would like to call a technology multimedia blog. With this blog, we hope to share interesting stories on how people can improve their Digital life by integrating Apple related products and services.

We have noticed that there is a sizable amount of people, who use their digital devices but doesnt seem to fully use it and its features. We hope these stories can help people make the most of their Apple devices and be more productive and enjoy life more. Another way of looking at this blog is a brain dump of sorts. Knowledge that the authors that have accumlated that we want to put on β€œpaper” in order to make sure it will not be forgotten.

But what is a Multimedia blog? It’s a term we coined on the idea that each story posted on this blog will be produced and published via different channel/forms. Initially we will be publish via two mediums:

  • Classic Blog posts (like ordinary blog posts you’ll find on this site)
  • Video Blog posts (Published via Youtube)

In the future, we hope to bring blog posts to other mediums such Facebook Videos or podcasts.

For now, we would focusing on the following topics:

  • Devices - physical devices that people can purchase and use in the daily lives (ie smartphones, tablets, laptops etc_
  • Software - Applications that can be installed on devices that can help fullfil a task or requirement of its users.
  • Services - Stuff like cloud storage, streaming media etc.